First day – March 30

Avvio giornata

09:00 – 10:30 | Registration

Italian Core Facilities

10:30 – 10:40Institutional greetingsProf. Maria Pia Abbracchio –
Deputy Rector for research coordination and promotion, University of Milan
10:40 – 10:50Core Facilities – Network Italiano Core Facilities – N.I.C.O.Dr. Valentina Adami –
University of Trento
Prof. Gabriella Tedeschi –
University of Milan
10:50 – 11:00Core Facilities – Una nuova realtà nazionale ed europeaDr. Angelo Casertano, Dr. Gerardo D’Errico –
University of Milan
11:00 – 11:10Centro Piattaforme Tecnologiche (CPT)Dr. Marco Giarola – University of Verona
11:10 – 11:20Centro di Ricerca Biomedica Applicata (CRBA)Prof. Giuseppe Gasparre – University of Bologna

11:20 – 11:45 | Coffee break

Biomolecules and materials: structural, structural chemistry, morphological and interaction investigations

11:45 – 12:00UNITECH COSPECTProf. Alessandro Caselli – Dr Enrico Caneva – University of Milano
12:00 – 12:20Elemental micro-analysis by x-ray wavelength dispersive spectrometry: light elements determination in materials for life and planetary sciences, and engineering applicationsProf. Stefano Poli – University of Milano
12:20 – 12:40Probing Protein-Ligand Interactions Using NMRProf. Francesca Vasile – University of Milano
12:40 – 13:00From tissues to molecules: stretching the application range of nanoscopy with STED, Adaptive Optics, Array Detection and Single Molecule Localisation Microscopy with minimum photon fluxesDr. Alessandro Rossi – Crisel Instruments
Dr. Frédéric Eghiaian – Abberior Instruments

13:00 – 14:00 | Lunch

From single molecule to whole organism: innovative imaging approaches

14:00 – 14:15UNITECH NOLIMITSProf. Alex Costa, Dr. Nadia Santo –
University of Milan
14:15 – 14:35Single particle cryoEM; a breakthrough dimension in Structural BiologyProf. Martino Bolognesi –
University of Milan
14:35 – 14:45Core Facilities Technical-Scientific Service (FAST)Dr. Rossella Canese –
National Institute of Health (ISS)
14:45 – 14:55Centro Grandi Strumenti (CGS)Dr. Amanda Oldani – University of Pavia
14:55 – 15:15Light sheet fluorescence expansion microscopy: From single synapses to long distance neuronal connectionsDr. Juan Eduardo Rodríguez-Gatica –
Clausius-Institut for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, University of Bonn
15:15 – 15:25CISUP (Center for Instrument Sharing)Prof. Ranieri Bizzarri – University of Pisa
15:25 – 15:35Piattaforme Tecnologiche, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn Centro Microscopia avanzata CeMADr. Pasquale De Luca –
Coordinatore della Sezione di Piattaforme Tecnologiche, Anton Dohrn Zoological Station, Napoli

15:35 – 16:05 | Coffee break

Core Facilities in Europe (sessio in English)

16:05 – 16:25Core Technologies for Life Sciences (CTLS)Dr. Dolores Martínez García –
Centro National de Investigaciones Oncologicas (CNIO), Madrid
16:25 – 16:45Core Facility and Research Infrastructure in EuropeDaniel Ciepielewski –
General Manager of Nikon Europe B.V.

Le Core Facilities e la Possibilità di Finanziamento

16:45 – 17:05Le Core Facilities e la realtà regionaleDott. Dario Sciunnach –
Direttore Vicario della DG Istruzione, Università, Ricerca, Innovazione e Semplificazione, Regione Lombardia
17:05 – 17:50Round Table Le Core Facilities e la Possibilità di FinanziamentoDr. Marco Borra –
Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Napoli;
Dr. Gianluigi Consoli –
Direzione dell’internazionalizzazione e della comunicazione, MUR;
Dr. Dario Sciunnach –
Direttore Vicario della DG Istruzione, Università, Ricerca, Innovazione e Semplificazione – Regione Lombardia;
Dr. Gelsomina Pappalardo –
Dr Cecilia Di Carlo –
DG internazionalizzazione e comunicazione – Ufficio III Ricerca internazionale MUR
Dr. Roberto Tiezzi –
Università degli Studi di Milano;

17:50 – 18:30 | Poster session

Second day programme